2 Angus Burger 150 g patties (art. no. 77000)
10 g mayonnaise (ready-made)
10 g mustard
10 g sour cream
1 brioche bun (ready-made)
20 g lettuce
25 g tomato ketchup (ready-made)
30 g tomatoes, sliced (3 slices)
20 g Gouda, sliced (2 slices)


Spice the Double Angus Burgers, then cook frozen, at high heat for approx. 18 minutes (core temperature 69°C), repeatedly turning.

Mix mayonnaise, mustard and sour cream and season to taste.

Burger stacking order: Brioche bun, 10 g lettuce, ketchup, burger patty, tomatoes, Gouda, burger patty, 10 g lettuce, mustard cream, bun

Double Angus Burger