1 Cornflakes Chicken Patty (art. no. 40200)
2 sprigs of coriander, chopped coarsely
30 g hummus (ready-made)
20 g mayonnaise (ready-made)
1 small red chilli, chopped coarsely
1 Gourmet Burger, round (rye bun)
2-3 stems of red chard
1 tsp carrot zest


Fry the Chicken Patty at 175°C for approx. 4-5 minutes.

Mix the coriander with the hummus.

Mix the mayonnaise with the chopped chilli. 

Cut the bun in half and grill it for about 15 seconds.

Burger stacking order: Bun, hummus, patty, chilli mayonnaise, chard, carrot zest, bun.

Chicken Burger