40 g shallots, divided into 8
1 orange, untreated, zested, juiced
60 g cherry tomatoes, mixed, cut in half
30 g mayonnaise (ready-made)
1 pumpkin sandwich bread (ready-made)
3 leaves of Lollo bionda lettuce
120 g Chicken Breast Stripes, thawed (art. no 24040)


Season the shallots and sear them briefly.

Season the cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper and the juice of half an orange and marinate for 10 min.

Mix the mayonnaise with the juice from the other half of the orange and orange zest.

Cut the sandwich in half.

Sandwich stacking order: Bread, orange mayonnaise, Lollo bionda, Chicken Breast Stripes, tomatoes, shallots, bread.

Bistro Style Pumpkin Chicken Sandwich